Privacy Policy

  • Paladin Pictures, Inc., in conjunction with Paladin Media Group, requests or may request personally identifiable information (PII) through the By War & By God website.
  • Provision of this PII is not a requirement. You may access the By War & By God website without providing any PII. We’re green with that. Super green.
  • Various promotions may require your PII as a prerequisite to access certain parts of the site or join mailing lists or podcast streams. Again, you are not obligated to provide your PII but access to those specific functions will be restricted. Quid pro quo – you help us, we help you!
  • Paladin Pictures, Inc., and Paladin Media Group will never sell, share, loan, or give your PII to any agent without your specific permission. We get really steamed when someone does that to us!
  • If you provide your PII through the website to join a mailing list or podcast, and either wish to be removed from the mailing list or podcast, or just want to stop getting emails from us, all you have to is ask. Use the contact us form accessible through either menu, and we will quickly remove and delete your PII and take you off the list or podcast. We get it. Too much is too much.
  • Cookies (bits of data stored on your computer associated with the By War & By God website) may be used to record data about your unique visits in order to make your viewing a more pleasurable experience. Seriously, if you turn the music off once, again, we get it. It should be off the next time you visit!
  • Any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, just contact us. We enjoy hearing from you!